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body, but returned John had taken off his shirt and was only in his shorts and flip flops. He had a great body, well toned and muscular. When I told him that the drink I stroked the outside of his shorts to try to feel his half -erect penis. He made no attempt to stop, in fact, he moved his hips forward so monstercockland that I could make you feel better. in broken English asked where my husband was there, to which I replied, reading the shadow in the corner of the villa. At this point, I approached him, rubbing his chest, then stopped his alliance, in their underwear. I slowly dropped his pants over his thigh hard on a beautiful tail, thick, have monstercockland been revealed about 8 inches long. I began massaging his cock with my left hand, while John took my coat, so I was monstercockland completely naked. His hands explored my breasts and worshipked his way up my ass and finally around my pussy. He pushed his middle finger into my vagina and began to soak the finger my clit. "I fuck you ", whispered: "Oh, yes, " was my immediate response. I took my monstercockland hammock and said they are on their monstercockland b
Quotes acks. His cock was magnificent while extending care to the bed and gently lowered her pussy on his dick fat. Wow, that felt good, she pushed her hips to meet my push down began. His cock was all the way with his balls slapping against my lips. I'm very vocal when I have given a very good and this time was no different. Without my asking was to be fucked by Gary, who was seen placed on the terraces to hear John pounds me on the couch. After 5 minutes, John grabbed me and sat on my hands and knees on the tanning bed. He began to fuck me fuck me doggy style and soon became strong, he shot his sperm into my shaved pUssy. Must be at least four orgasms before he arrived my body was shaking. He picked me up and took me to the pool, so cold that the two, was at what point I realized Gary had seen it all and has had his SA could masturbate his erect cock. I left the pool and walked to where he sat, he knelt down and gave him a blow job to care for him, just enjoy me fucking a young stud Spanish! Juan apologized and went and unfortunately, he returned to England before returning, but I hope to repeat, if we go back in August for three weeks.


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Just returned from a few days in our villa in Competa and I must say it was so hot, in the monstercockland true sense of the word. My husband and I have a very open relationship and we always tell each other what we have until then, if we are alone. However, this time Gary was with me, to experience everything. As I said, the weather was so hot, it was great for sunbathing and swimming naked in our own pool. It makes the mixure of sun and cold white wine was always very hot and it was different this time. The Spanish boy who cleans the pool every few days came a day early this time. Since I was completely naked in a chair back, when my attention was coughing. I quickly went back to bed I will not be as uncomfortable with John, but I noticed he stopped under a sly look at me. I decided to take for the gradual opening of my legs felt a flash of my shaved pussy tease. I could say I had the desired effect on him, so he decided to offerto drink. He monstercockland accepted with pleasure, until I was completely naked in front of him then walked away toward the kitchen. If I had done with a cold drink, enveloping my